“Seriously?  Again?  It is ALWAYS the talented, gifted, perfect sister… well, FTS.” Jan Brady, The Brady Bunch

Starwalkers feels like several books in one.  And it does appear to be a serial of six, combined for this edition.  But the story reads differently from beginning to end.  Initially, there is a solid fantasy feel, with underpinnings of dystopia/utopia.  But by the end, the wording, story, and tone of the book is all fairy tale.  While the author’s voice was generally lovely (with a few notable exceptions), the shift in style was distracting.  Also distracting were Earth colloquialisms (“sucks”) and the easy use of English by aliens.

The author had a solid entertaining idea going in but I fear made the mistake of being rushed into a resolution.  Several story plots chaffed me – we never hear the actual prophecy, nor understand how or why it was given to the populace.  The link with Earth and Atlantis was abrupt and under explained. The plot relied on magic crystals that could be employed to strengthen or suppress powers too much – a plot shield as it were, in crystal form.

3 for reading it all the way through – though in several sittings over a few months

2 for story arc since there was an original story but the plot left some gaping holes and overused some plot shields/devices

2 for creativity since there was good world building (if somewhat typical in hereditary psychic powers) but I found some contemporary references distractingly banal

4 for creativity and voice (see below)….. let’s leave it at that

2 for voice as the book’s tempo and feel shifted strongly from one serial to the next, but the author has a lovely voice when immersed in the fantasy world.

Notes, don’t read if any of this offends you – you HAVE been warned : somewhat explicit sex scenes, pre-marital sex, arranged marriage themes, minor violence of domestic abuse and more expansive, less explicit, violence of war

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