My Best Friend’s Exorcism

My Best Friend's ExorcismMy Best Friend’s Exorcism by Grady Hendrix

“Well, at least it was ONLY your best friend…” -Bella Swan, Twilight



I always go into reading a book with such a great title scared that it is a Bait and Switch. So it is with relief that I can report, this really is a horror story, creepy and scary, that is overcome by friendship. While even this might give away some aspects of the story, I just wanted you to know. [I am seeing some indications that horror in general, not vampire or fey or werewolves, is a growing interest in YA readers, so publishers/authors take note].

That being said, you have been warned by the title that this is religious horror….. so don’t read it if that upsets you. Frankly, the only kind of horror I like is religious since then I know for certainly that whatever is bad in the story has a chance to be counteracted by good. Thus I read this story happily.

The writing is solid and the interactions between characters are believable. It can be graphic and gross but for a horror book isn’t gratuitous. I give it a 3.4 average. A good buy for libraries with readers who will enjoy this genre.

5 for reading it all the way through in one sitting (in so much that that is possible for me)
3 for story arc since there wasn’t much unexpected but there were no holes in my mind
3 for expanding my horizons since I felt no need to look anything up
3 for humor/cleverness since nothing struck me as such but generated no specific negative feelings either
3 for voice as the characters sounded distinct from each other but not noteworthy beyond that

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