“Seriously?  Again?  It is ALWAYS the talented, gifted, perfect sister… well, FTS.” Jan Brady, The Brady Bunch

Florence Nightingale, aka FloBird

Florence Nightingale by Catherine Reef ‪”Place doesn’t need woman’s touch, needs disinfectant or complete burn #CrimeanWarSurvivor #howdoyougetbloodoutofVictoriandress #ScutariSucks‬.” FloBird, on Twitter

My Best Friend’s Exorcism

My Best Friend’s Exorcism by Grady Hendrix “Well, at least it was ONLY your best friend…” -Bella Swan, Twilight  

Welcome Book Fans!

Your Expat Librarian (here in Abu Dhabi, UAE) will be providing wicked, sarcastic, and amusing reviews of books – unless I don’t. As the proud inventor of the “No Guilt Book Club” (where readers meet to discuss any book they have read – so No Guilt about not reading ‘this month’s’ selection), I make no promises.